Terms and Conditions

Club Rules

All Hammersmith Gymnastic Club participants must abide by the following guidelines in addition to the relevant codes of conduct and other policies that the club adopts. By signing the participants registration form you are agreeing that you have read and understood the club rules, code of conduct and commitment to the club. Please be on time to collect your child, if you have arranged for someone else to pick up the child inform the coach in charge. We will not let children leave with other people who are not on registration forms or if we have not been informed. Because of health and safety and an agreement made with Bute House School no parents/friends/carers are allowed to view classes in the gym or remain on site unless prior permission has been granted. Anyone that does stay on site will be asked to leave so please do not take offence. Viewing times will be available throughout each term. If you have any questions, please speak to a coach either before or after your childs lesson.


This is an agreement that the school have asked all clubs on the schools property to uphold.

If you are caught using your phone by any coach, members of school staff or the caretakers please do not take offence if you are asked to stop using your phone. This includes browsing or texting.


Any parent/nanny caught being rude to any member of Bute House staff or any coach will mean expulsion of their child/children from the club. Non-members that are visiting for holiday classes will be removed from our waiting list.

Participation during gymnastic sessions.

*Warm up is very important, try to be on time. If you are more than 15 minutes late you wont be allowed to join in the session. Please do check the roads or tubes for any  traffic problems.

* Inform the coach at the start of a session if gymnasts are feeling ill, have a previous injury or if any medical conditions have changed.

* Gymnasts must wear appropriate clothing. No tops with anything dangling from it or long frills/skirts attached. No skirts, anything with zips, friendship bands on either wrist or ankles, belts or jeans. This protects the gymnast, coach and the equipment.

* Any bands that are worn for religious reasons can stay on but will be taped.

* Long hair must be tied back as it can be hazardous. Please try to remember a hair band.

* Gymnasts must not go on the equipment without supervision of the coach.

* Gymnasts that do not listen, behave in an inappropriate manner, who may be a danger to them selves and/or to others and will be asked to sit out for the rest of the session. This is for the safety of other club members and the coaches.

* Bullying is not tolerated. Any member who is found to be bullying will be suspended from the club.

* Jewellery is not permitted to be worn in the gym during training. This is a British Gymnastics requirement and your British Gymnastics Insurance will be invalid if this is not adhered to. Earrings or any other peircings can be taped if they have just been pierced, but for no longer than 6 weeks. After this period they must be taken out.

*Hammersmith Gymnastics Club and Bute House accept no responsibility for any property left anywhere on site. If a gymnast wishes to bring their mobile phone in to the gym for their session that is fine. If it is valuable please leave it at home.


Fees must be paid in full before the start of the next term. If payment is not received before the stated date an additional £15.00 will be added to the required fee. Invoices are emailed out and we do send out reminders, however failure to pay after the required date will mean your child/children forfeiting their membership at the club. If you wish to re-join you will be added to waiting list. Re-joining fee is £12.00.


Classes will not be carried over or exchanged for any other class time or day for any reason.

When joining H.G.C you know what time your child’s class is and you have agreed to that time for the term that you have paid for.


A refund WILL NOT be given for:

  1. Occasional classes missed.
  2. Any injuries occurred whilst outside the gym.
  3. Deciding to leave after your first session.


H.G.C. reserves the right to refuse admission and to dismiss pupils should occasion arise. We (H.G.C.) reserve the right to ask any pupil to leave the club for any of the following reasons:

– For misbehaviour or wilful damage.

– For breach of any of H.G.C.s rules, conditions or regulations and policies etc.

– Should the pupil not respond to training.

– Rude behaviour and/or language from either child, parent or carer to H.G.C or Bute House staff.


Children changing in or out of leotards or completely undressing must change in the toilets and NOT in the foyer.

– No food to be eaten on site.

– Scooters must be left outside and not be brought in.

– No gymnastic moves in any area of the school other than the gym.

– No phones are allowed to be used on site at all. This includes browsing and texting. Please do not take offence if a member of the schools staff or any H.G.C. coach asks you to stop using your phone. The school are very strict about this with us.

Class Cancellation

Classes that have to be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, fire evacuation, possible terrorist/bomb threat, (this has happened) or any other extreme unforeseeable circumstances will not be refunded.


Parents and friends will be invited to observe classes on allocated days, unless prior arrangement has been made. This is usually once per term. Please do not turn up and ask “Can my friend sit and watch.” We must know in advance.

Class Arrival / Departure

Parents must ensure that their child / children are taken to the door on arrival for the lesson.

Please do not wait in the car outside the premises to collect your child. You must come to the front door of the building and collect them.

On departure you must let the assistant at the door know you have collected your child / children so they can be ticked off the register.

If any child is travelling alone H.G.C must have written confirmation.

The youngest classes of 4.5 – 7 year olds are the only classes where parents can come in to Bute House to assist in changing your child/children to both start the class and to go home. All other classes parents are to drop off your child/children at the door where a coach will be at the beginning and end of the session. The coach will only sign out the child/children once they see a parent/carer responsible for collection of that child/children.

B.G. Insurance

Parents/Careres of participating members are now responsible for your own Childs insurance with British Gymnastics. Any child not insured will not be able to participate  in any gymnastics lessons. This is renewed yearly starting from 1st October.


An email will be sent to you regarding next terms payment. All details will be included of when we start back, weeks missing due to half term or any events on at the school.

Coaches will not accept cheques or cash for the next term classes.

If your payment has not been received on the last day of term you will have an extra week to pay but an additional charge of £15.00 per child will incur. If we still have not received payment after the last date, we will unfortunately have no alternative but to remove your child/children from the register.  If for some reason you cannot make this deadline, please, please do get in touch with us to discuss….

Regardless of how long you have been with us we cannot accept any excuses for non-payment.

Please do pay on time if you wish your child/children to stay at the club. Thank you.