Ashley Beaver – Head Coach

Ashley was a dancer between the age of 5 – 16 yrs old. He then turned his hand to Sports Acrobatics and has been twice British Champion in Mens Pairs and competed for Great Britain for 5 years. After competing internationally for 5 years he then went on to work for Cirque du Soleil as a featured performer in the show ‘Varekai’. Ashley has been performing adagio acrobatics and static trapeze with his partner Sarah for 8 years. He is a Club Coach in Sports Acro and is taking many courses to update his qualifications to keep current in the gymnastics world.

Sarah Needham – Head Coach

Sarah has been involved in Gymnastics since the age of 5. Based at Heathrow Gymnastics Club she has competed in Artistic, Sports Acrobatic and Sports Aerobic. Sarah was 4 times British Champion in Womens trio for Sports Aerobics and has competed for Great Britain at European and World Championships. Sarah is qualified as a Club Coach in Sports Acro, Senior Club Coach in Artistic and Fitness Ballet. She has been in charge of the Mini Squad and coached in acrobatics at Heathrow gym for 10 yrs and coached at many Schools.

Si-Wan Cheung – Coach

Si-Wan is a level 3 General Gymnastics Club Coach, and has been coaching for 10 years. She has taught both here in England, in America at a summer camps, and has taught children from as young as 3 to 18 years old. As a gymnast, Si-Wan has competed in Sports Acrobatics for 11 years, and competed regionally, nationally, and internationally. All in all she has been involved in gymnastics for a total of 18 years!


Louise Wheeler – Coach

IMG_3362 2  Lousie was a gymnast from the age of seven and started coaching when she was fifteen at Abbey Gymnastics. She has been teaching gymnastics at Booker Gym Club for the last eight years where she has gained her Level 2 Women’s Artistic qualification, alongside Vault and Floor Judging Qualification Level 1 and add on Module Level 2 for Freestyle Gymnastics. Louise teaches a range of ages from toddler to adult gym and a mixture of abilities.

Sarai Morales – Coach

“I started gymnastics when I was 4 years old ( in Mexico) and kept it up until i was 19 years old and was competing national level . I started coaching since i was 17 years old in Mexico . When i was 19 i moved to Canada and coached there for 5 years (national level gymnasts) I then moved to the UK and have been with top schools coaching and taking them to nationals and coaching a little of recreational gymnastics.”



Louise Mearns – Coach and Welfare Officer                                                    

Sausages Louise is qualified in General Gym Level 4 and in Team Gym. She also judges every year for Floor and Vault and Team Gym competitions. Louise is also the clubs Welfare Officer.




Vladislav Borisov – Coach

IMG_2372 Vlad has been a gymnast since 2005 and has competed in Men’s Group, Mix Pair and Men’s Pair. He has amassed 30 Gold and 3 Silver medals from state championships and 6 Gold medals from international tournaments. Since 2014 he has competed Nationally ranking among the top positions in the World and gained a Silver Medal at the World Cup 2014 – Aalen Germany.

Vlad has participated as volunteer in various international events organized by the Bulgarian Federation of Sports Acrobatics. From 2015 to 2016 he was an assistant-coach to the Mens Groups at “Olymp” Sports Club in the town of Lom. Managing the men’s group (12-18 years of age) they took home a respectable 5th place at the International Championship in Putian, China in March 2016.

Vlad studied at National Sports Academy ”Vasil Levski” and on 2014 and has two qualifications as Acrobatics Coach and Physical Teacher.

From British Gymnastics I completed Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Gymnastics – Club Coach Acrobatic Gymnastics.

Charlie Bunt – Coach

Charlie has joined us from Booker Gym in High Wycombe. She is a Level 2 coach for Tumbling and is a great asset to our club. Next summer Charlie will be visiting America to teach gymnastics for a Summer Camp.



Lizzy Hughes – Assistant Coach

Lizzy joined H.G.C. in 2011, has been in the top level of all her classes and has won the H.G.C. Cup. Lizzy has taken her Level 0 General B.G. course to get her foot on the ladder to becoming a great coach. She is very fun and happy and always shows a willingness to learn. In 2018 Lizzy will be taking her Level 1 for General Gym..


Celeste Bokkerink – Assistant Coach

Celeste was a pupil at Bute House and competed individually and in a team in many floor and vault competitions. She is still competing now and has been assisting at H.G.C. since 2016.



Thomas Halle – Assistant Coach  

Tom  Tom is one of our longest running boys at the club. It has been great to see him develop his gymnastic skills with us and he is now passing his knowledge on to our youngest members.

Hilary Needham – Administrator


Hilary deals with the waiting list, any payment issues, holiday classes and all the clubs emails and administrative duties. She truly is worth her weight in gold. If you have any questions please email the club at   or on:  07586273316