Holiday Classes

Thursday 30th   &   Friday 31st May

10:00-12:00    &     12:30-14:30

2 hours of fun packed gymnastics. 

Members £20.00    Non-Members £22.00

To book please contact Hilary at                   or on                                                                             07586273316

All non members must fill a registration form in which signing means you agree to H.G.C.s terms and conditions. 

Please remember what time and day you have booked as you will not be able to join in with another class unless you have pre-booked it. 

If you are staying for both classes children can stay on site for a light lunch. Please be careful in what you pack as we have several children with food allergies including peanuts.

Please make sure that earrings and any other jewellery is removed. No friendship bands, or denim, frills and zips on clothing.

If you are more than 20 mins late you will miss your lesson and a refund or exchange of class will not be given.

Parents are not allowed to stay on site during the lesson.

Phones are not allowed to be used on Bute House Premises at all. Calls, texts or browsing must be done off site. This is an agreement with Bute House for all Clubs. 

H.G.C. Cup Winner


Eva Lancioni

A massive congratulations to Eva our winner for last terms H.G.C. Cup. This goes out once a term to gymnasts who the coaches feel have showed improvement in their skills and who are an absolute pleasure to teach. (As all our gymnasts are.) We do take other factors into consideration, from seeing the gymnasts grow and coming out of their shell to them accomplishing a certain move they have been training for and achieving it.