H.G.C. Cup Winners

H.G.C. Cup

This cup is given out to one gymnast that the coaches feel have improved the most through out the term. Not just physically in skill but also within them selves as a growing gymnast. This is a very difficult decision for us to make as there are so many children to choose from. We have seen a lot of the children gain in confidence and really start to come out of their shell. We feel that this cup gives them a great sense of achievement and a boost they require to push themselves further.

Winner of the H.G.C. Cup:   Stella Verrycken


This term we gave the H.G.C. cup to Stella whose skill level and confidence has improved so much since she started. Her enjoyment for gymnastics has really reflected through the improvement in her skills. Stella has been with us a long time and is now really attempting every move with more determination.

Winner of the H.G.C. Bear: Emily Levinson Hawes


Emily is there every week and works really hard in all of her lessons. She is very friendly and polite to all of her class and the coaches. Emily is a very positive girl and is always smiling.