Holiday Classes

Saturday 23rd February

10:00-12:00    12:30-14:30   

Sunday 24th February

10:00-12:00      12:30-14:30

2 hours of Gymtastic Fun open to members and non-members. Using the entire hall with every single bit of equipment we have for fun (and safe) cram packed gymnastics.

£20.00 Members    £22.00 Non-members

Members Link:                                    

Non-Members link:

Click on:  more at the bottom of this link and it will show you all the available class times and dates.                                  

Once you have paid take a note of what time and date you have booked for. We have a lot of children turn up to the wrong classes.

We would like to remind everyone that in taking part in H.G.C. classes you agree to our Terms & Conditions. A few of the most important rules are:

• No-one can stay on site during the duration of your  child’s class.

• Doors will be opened up 5 mins before the end of your child’s class. Please do not come back early as you will not be able to get in until a H.G.C. coach is at the door.

Absolutely no use of phones, either texting, browsing or phoning on site at all.

• If you are later than 20 mins you will not be let in and will miss your session. This will not be refunded.

• A refund will not be given for a missed class/classes or be allowed to swap to any other time or date.

• Any earrings to be removed (otherwise we can tape them if they have been in for less than 6 weeks.)

• CLOTHING: No hoods, denim, skirts, frills, or zips.

• HAIR: Please can all long hair be in a hair tie. No head bands or big bowed clips.

•  Non compliance of our terms and conditions or any rude language/behaviour to any H.G.C. coach or any member of Bute House staff from any parent/minder/nanny will not be tolerated. We will take your child’s name and review the situation which could possibly end up in members being expelled from the club or non-members being removed from our waiting list.

If you wish to cancel your booked class we will need minimum of 1 weeks notice. Money will not be able to be returned if we have less than 1 weeks notice.

Much appreciated and many thanks.