H.G.C. Cup & Bear Winners

               Isobelle Bordignon    Amelia Nowalany

A massive congratulations to our 2 winners for this terms H.G.C. Cup and Bear. These go out once a term to gymnasts who the coaches feel have showed improvement in their skills and who are an absolute pleasure to teach. (As all our gymnasts are.) We do take other factors into consideration, from seeing the gymnasts grow and coming out of their shell to them accomplishing a certain move they have been training for and achieving it.

This is a challenge for us to pick any individual for the H.G.C. Cup as the club has grown so much, we introduced the H.G.C. Bear for our younger gymnasts. Which by the way is lovingly hand crafted by our very own Si-Wan. Plus the bonus is they get to keep the Bear where as the Cup is kept per term.