H.G.C. Cup


This cup is given out to one gymnast that the coaches feel have improved the most through out the term. Not just physically in skill but also within them selves as a growing gymnast. This is a very difficult decision for us to make as there are so many children to choose from. We have seen a lot of the children gain in confidence and really start to come out of their shell. We feel that this cup gives them a great sense of achievement and a boost they require to push themselves further. 


Winner of the H.G.C. Cup 


Charlotte Arculus



This term we gave the H.G.C. cup to Charlotte whose improvement through out the term has improved so much. She is always happy and takes on every challenge until she has achieved it. Charlotte not only can perform some great skills but executes them beautifully at the same time.



 Previous Winners


            Thomas Halle            Zoe Menalou

       July  2016                July 2016



        Amaya Bhatia            James Pilbrow             Zara Latif

   December 2015         December 2015           March 2016 


             Ruby Gale                       Arun Mukherjee             Esme Emerson 

             July 2015                           April 2015                November 2014 


      Lizzie Hughes            Zoe Halsey                Amelie Konig     

        June 2014              April 2014                November 2013 


     Yvonne Martin          Ella Pilkington         Charlotte Farmer

        July 2013                             March 2013                    December 2012 


   Sam McMorran          Alexianne Dieu           Haruna Pearson

      July 2012                          March 2012                December 2011